Our Services
Site Assessment
  •   Reporting to Client on viability of chosen site for proposed development
  •   Identification of suitable sites to fulfil Client’s specifications.
  •  Conceptual and detail design of marinas and marina facilities
  •  Detailed survey requirements and specialised marine investigations
  •  Appointments and management of coastal engineering specialists
  •  Floating pen layout design ·Capital yacht mooring systems (Mega Yachts)
  •  Private residential berths
  •  Boat handling and storage systems ·Land area requirements and layout
  •  Containment and disposal of marina and boatyard waste products
  •  Ferry jetties
  •  Liaison with Civil and Marine Engineer to determine best layouts of breakwaters, dredging programmes and assessment of riverine and coastal dynamics.
Design Review
  • Review of designs including clubhouses and other related facilities
  • Waterfront housing and private berths, canal and locking systems.
Marina Feasibility Studies
  • Marketing analysis, marketing and sales, optimisation of resources, environmental planning, health and safety issues.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Services
  • Provision to M&E Engineer of load requirements and capacities for electricity, water and fuel supplies
  • Liaison with M&E Engineer with respect to routings, sewage treatment, etc.
Equipment Sourcing
  • Identification and sourcing of specialist plant, machinery, and marina and boatyard equipment
  • Identification and sourcing of commercial and leisure boats, including water skiing, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, fishing, etc.
Contract and Project Management for Marina, Hotel & Golf Club Developments 
  • Manage and specify surveys, geo-technical investigations, coastal processes studies
  • Prequalification of tenders
  • Preparation of Tender and Contract Documents including Conditions of Contract
  • Specifications, Bills of Quantities
  • Tender Analysis and recommendation of Award
  • Approve all payments to Contractors
  • Carry out continuous cost control
  • Issue instructions as necessary
  • Inspect installations and issue Completion Certificate.

Hotel & Golf Club Management
  • Hotel pre - Opening  & Planning Services
  • Hotel Project Management Services 
  • Golf Club Feasibility & Planning 
  • Golf Club Management & Marketing Services 
Marina Management
We can provide full management services from interim management during handover to the client’s management team, to full management services including training and post commissioning operations.

The ProMarine Managment Team has been involved with the design of some of the most prestigious marina projects in the SEA region, including:
  • Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, Singapore
  • Buran Darat Development, Sentosa Island, Singapore
  • Phuket Yacht Haven, Thailand
  • Puteri Harbour Marina, Malaysia
  • Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, Malaysia
  • Sutera Harbour Marina, Sabah
  • Sebana Cove Marina, Malaysia
  • Awana Hotel, Langkawi, Malaysia
  • Tanjung Lesung Marina, Java, Indonesia
  • Carita Bay Marina, Java, Indonesia
  • Indah Puri Resort Marina, Batam, Indonesia
  • Ocean City Marina, Shanghai, China
  • Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Hong Kong 
Our Senior Management Team have managed these key properties:
  • Raffles Marina, Singapore
  • Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, Singapore
  • Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, Malaysia
  • Sutera Harbour Marina, Malaysia
  • Sebana Cove Marina, Malaysia
  • Dubai Marina Yacht Club, Dubai
  • Festival Marina, Dubai
  • Phuket Yacht Haven, Thailand
  • Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Hong Kong 
  • Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club, Malaysia 
  • Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore 
  • Palm Resort Golf & Country Club, Johore
  • Shangri - La Hotel, Singapore